What our members say about us

I live on my own. I’ve got dementia and had it quite some time. I don’t know what I’d do with myself if I didn’t come to the Robin Centre. I am moving house but I must come to the centre; I rely on it being there."


My wife drops me off. She can have a bit of life herself. I enjoy coming here. We have laughs together."


The staff here go beyond the call of duty. It really is a lovely place."

A happy place where elderly people meet and have conversations; make friends."


I am glad to come here and see the same people and have a laugh. The staff are good."

What our members’ carers say about us

The following comments are taken from an opinion survey we carried out in the summer of 2018. A statistical analysis of the returns can be found by following the link at the bottom of this web page.

As a carer, The Robin Centre has helped me greatly. I can not only have a little respite, but I know my mum is safe and happy there! Great service!"

I think the Robin Centre, with the staff, do a wonderful job, and it is run very well indeed. I don’t know what I would do without it, I think myself very lucky to have found it, and it works for my mother as well. All I can say is thank you x.”

The centre provides a stimulating environment where people meet and socialise. It promotes mobility and mental function, therefore improving the quality of life for the elderly.”

My dad attends this service which is beneficial to him as he has made some great friends, and this is his own personal space. Love the staff as they treat attendees with great respect and have a laugh and joke with relatives. Love the fact there are ample number of staffs for the attendees as having been to other centres where there is not enough staff or stimulation of activities with attendees. This service is invaluable as my dad comes here with a smile and a twinkle, which makes us happy as well as giving us respite, it’s worth the travel time and effort. There is a great mix of attendees and its lovely to see them have banter. The staff are great and enjoy what they do and always have the time to explain what attendees have done by way of activities and have a great way of bringing out the cheeky side with my dad. THANK YOU AND KEEP ON DOING THIS GREAT WORK!”

I think that it’s a very good service and welcoming for the elderly with all different illnesses really due to their ages and it seems like a very happy environment for all. I think your amazing with what you do, and I know myself I have seen a change in my mother she’s much happier in herself and always looks forward to coming, and I know how hard you all work, doing amazing work.”

Reflections of a Second Year Trainee Nurse, September 2018

The following excerpts are taken from an account written by a student nurse who volunteered with us in September 2018 to improve her understanding of dementia care. Follow the link to the full statement on the downloads page.

Everyone interacted with each other which was very warming to see. The staff acknowledged every individual they came across as did the managers... Managers were also very much involved and I never saw them pass service users without acknowledging them or sitting with them to have a chat. This acknowledgement made them smile and their faces lighted, which to me appeared to make the service users feel valued and that they mattered.”

As more [service users] arrived they would independently select where they wanted to sit, some would go to their usual seat and others would look who is present and select a person they want to sit with. It appeared they all created a bond and friendship."

It felt blessed when I saw all the service users interacting in this way because I felt that they were not alone in this journey and fortunate to have loved ones and a day centre like this, and the staff to bring everyone together.”

The activities also included quizzes to answer questions which were mainly history, bingo which related to recognising words or numbers and identifying them by crossing them out. No one was left to feel as if they did not know anything, group participation was always encouraged. This is what I felt bought everyone together in this day centre, trusting relationship with staff, management and other service users, thereby creating a warm and welcoming environment. I would be more than happy to bring my loved ones to this day centre.”

In my personal opinion and my previous experience in management, I recognised that the managers had the right approach and attitude in how they dealt with and addressed issues of concern and requested immediate change. I feel strongly that this approach acts as a deterrent for poor practice…..This has been an invaluable experience.”

Carers’ opinion survey 2018